Thank you for joining us for this year’s genealogy event! This year, this event is being held virtually. Today’s programs are only available today (Friday, October 15, 2021). They will not be viewable after this event. Below, you will find today’s agenda with a description of each of the programs as well as information about each of our speakers. If you have any questions about today’s event, or have trouble accessing a video, please contact the Nesbitt Memorial Library by calling 979-732-3392.

Length: 50 Minutes
NARA Mythbusters: Your Family IS in the Archives, Difficulty: Beginner
Judy G Russell, JD, CG, CGL, The Legal Genealogist Sponsored by Friends of Corpus Christi Public Libraries
“All the military records were burned in the fire.” “There isn’t any birth, marriage or death information in federal records.” “There aren’t any details about ordinary families at the National Archives.” These kinds of myth-statements stop genealogist from breaking down all kinds of brick walls using the wealth of information in NARA records. Join the mythbusters with the treasures the National Archives holds for your family.

Length: 50 Minutes
Methodology: Using Timelines to Focus Your Research, Difficulty: Beginner
Susan Ball, President TxSGS
The most important tool you can use to research your ancestor is a timeline. Learn how to construct a timeline for your ancestor and use it to uncover previously overlooked avenues for research.

Length: 75 Minutes
Beginning Genealogy Workshop, Difficulty: Beginner
Kathy Huber, MLS, Director of the Tulsa Genealogy Center, Hardesty Public Library Sponsored by Hardesty Public Library
This workshop will explain the steps necessary to begin your family history research and introduce useful records that will assist you in getting started on the right tract.  Exploring some basic genealogy research records, we'll discuss how to locate and use them to your advantage.  Bring lunch and join us for this informative and fun workshop.

Length: 65 Minutes
So, You’ve Found Your German Town of Origin, Now What?, Difficulty: Intermediate
Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG Sponsored by Waco-McLennan County Library
Finding your ancestor’s town of origin can be exciting. Once this piece of information is found, you might be left wondering how to get records from the other side of the ocean. This lecture focuses on how to get records for German towns. Highlights include: verifying the location, strategies for identifying misspelled town names, finding historical jurisdictions, finding records for that town, useful aids for reading those records, tips for hiring a professional genealogist in Germany, when necessary.

Length: 50 Minutes
Filling in the Family Stories, Difficulty: Beginner
Susan Kaufman, Senior Manager, Houston Public Library, Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Rese Sponsored by Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research
This presentation, through examples of sources, will help you to understand the context in which your family lived, celebrated, cooked, listened to music, and other daily activities that all help provide the stories that make our families come alive. Stories in context go beyond just a name, date and place on a pedigree chart. Social history helps us to better understand lives, provides context to our research, adds interest to the pedigree chart and can also lead to additional records.

Length: 50 Minutes
Discover Genealogical Treasure Using Historic U.S. Maps, Difficulty: Intermediate
Hannah Kubacak, Genealogy Librarian, Genealogy Center Waco-McLennan County Library Sponsored by Waco-McLennan County Library
Maps provide a valuable tool for understanding the world as it was when our ancestors were living. Explore a variety of resources for finding and using historic maps. A few of the maps to be discussed during this presentation will include Fire Insurance maps, county boundaries, Public Land Survey System maps, and land grants.
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